7th Birthday

I got my Samantha for my 7th birthday. I think I’ve mentioned here that the reason my parents decided it was time is that I’d been cutting out the two-page doll pictures from the American Girl magazines that kept showing up at our house, taping them together into paper dolls, and carrying them around. I remember delicately draping the giant paper dolls across both my arms to carry them like a baby, and stacking them on top of each other in the cradle I had at the time.

My 7th birthday was an Easter egg hunt (as I’m an April baby), attended by my Girl Scout troop, cousins, and some school friends. I got Samantha from my parents and grandparents ($80 was a big investment for a kid’s toy!), and my Grandma also made me and Samantha matching nightgowns from her patterns set (which I still have). And even though Samantha was so expensive at the time, of all the toys I got that year, only one is still with me today almost 20 years later.

And now, the pictures, complete with Lion King watch (SO COOL), big hairbows, butterfly tattoos, and cake.

birthday1 birthday2 birthday3 birthday4 birthday5 birthday6 birthday7


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