Back Shortly

My hamster died, then I got a new one, then I broke my phone, then I traveled for work, then I got back from my work trip but worked mad hours. I finally had a chance last weekend to relax a bit, clean my house, and try to get my life back in order. Needless to say, doll stuff got a bit back burnered, alongside any other hobbies. I do have a new dress almost finished (a school dress for Ellen!), and more patterns to make. Not sure when I’ll get to them on these late evenings, but hopefully soon!

I’m also realizing I should put together my “buy before this summer MUST HAVE” list, and start searching for the money to get anything I desperately need, since who knows what this Beforever is going to strip away. :/ And anyway, even if I can’t actually buy any of it (that phone replacement fee of $200 was unexpected 😦  ) I DO really love making lists. 🙂 

Maybe Thursday I’ll be able to get back to blogging?

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