Tinuviel’s Court Dress

This was one of the very first things I made when I started sewing for my dolls about a year ago –in fact, it may have been the very first thing? It’s made from the Carpatina Medieval Dress Pattern, using this really weird almost neoprene-like, shiny green fabric. It’s got a beautiful sheen but I remember was so slippery and frustrating to sew with that I haven’t ever attempted to use up the rest of this fabric that I have.



The trim is the only gold trim that I could find at the time at Michaels –it’s a plastic trim, actually, with little crystals. Since this is her court gown, she wears her gold crown with her hair up (to try to look more grown up than she actually is, obviously), and gold boots (MG/Cecile’s fancy boots).


As you can see, the dress is a bunch of panels sewn together. I actually really like the pattern and am sewing again with it soon to make her a summer gown. My only criticism, and it’s kind of a big one, is that the sleeves aren’t lined!! And since they’re big gaping sleeves, it means the seams would show!

For this dress, I actually sewed the ends of the sleeves to the outside and then put the trim over that to mask the seam. In the future, I’ll line them and just go rogue off pattern (hopefully that won’t go too badly!) Still, it’s a cut e dress that I’m fond of, and I’ll definitely use the pattern again.



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