Samantha’s Ice Cream Dress

Remember this dress from Samantha’s birthday story?

downloadWell PixieFairePatterns on etsy has a pattern for it and I had been eyeballing that pattern for a long time. So in preparation of getting my new sewing machine, I finally bought it, bought the fabric and the trim, and then got to sewing. And you know what? It turned out pretty stinking cute, even if there are 32 steps just to make the collar!


The pattern itself wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d feared. I only had two areas of struggle. First was that the pattern to make the collar has you make a 45″ long strip that you then pleat into the collar as you see it above. Except that if you follow the pattern’s pleat lengths, you don’t end up with the correct length collar. Even had my mathematician double check my math! I wound up doing the pleats probably 4 times (UGH) and before accepting the pattern leaves you with excess that isn’t mentioned.


The second area I had struggle with is that the wasitband lining is smaller than the waistband, and is supposed to fold over perfectly to tuck in the gathered seam from the bodice and skirt. There was no way my waistband lining was going to fit that though; maybe I sewed my seams too wide or something? If I did it again, I would just use the pattern piece for the waistband itself twice.


There you can see that the collar wraps all the way around.

This is an adorable dress, truly, and I am THRILLED that there was a pattern for it. I wish there were patterns for all the outfits from her books, because instead I’m going to have to just figure them out on my own which will probably be disastrous. I would guess that American Girl didn’t make this dress because it’s reminiscent of her Middy Dress, but what a loss because it’s so stinking cute! I have this unquenchable desire to own all the dresses from everyone’s books. It’ll take a while!


So, all in all, quite happy with the result. 🙂 After all, I was 11 the last time I made a dress for Sam!



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