Kirsten’s Flower Dress

So I made this thing and in typical me fashion, a simple pattern that I’ve made several times already still managed to snag me at every turn.

Here is Kirsten’s brown dress. It is a mish-mash of pattern pieces from her school dress and apron dress (the American Girl Kirsten patterns). Which NEVER FAIL to come out insanely too big in the skirt and arms, even for my tubby white body Kirsten. And of course to balance this out, the bodice was a bit snug.


So first, the things I like: the sleeves! I sewed with elastic for the first time in my life I think? and it made easy, adorable sleeves, and they’re even more adorable with the brown floral trim. The overall dress is pretty cute and has grown on me, so there’s that. This was also my first time using the zigzag stitch and I’m sold. It makes for a much cuter hem. AND sew-in snaps! So actually I learned several new little things with this dress.


Things I don’t like: while I won’t go into pointing out the flaws, I will say I learned a couple of things (the hard way, per usual). First, when I put the trim around the skirt, it didn’t even occur to me to to check out inflexible the trim was. So when I put it on, it made the skit literally balloon away from Kirsten. What you see now is after I actually took out about 4 inches of the skirt where the pattern was too big. I also had to add the petticoat-looking trim because the balloooning meant the skirst was sort of 1930s-little-girl poofy, which wouldn’t do for a 9 year old in the 1850s. I actually like the sort of built-in petticoat look, so all’s well that ends well, I guess.

I don’t like sewing tucks. I don’t know that I ever will.


Anyway, dress finished. I think I’ll save this for Kirsten to wear in the early Autumn, and I do like the result, and poor girl needed some new dresses since I’ve had to stop my eBay hunting so here you go, Kirsten!



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