Peter’s Striped Shirt

The reason I’m excited to show this off is that it’s the first boy shirt I’ve ever made, and boy did I learn a lot about shirt construction! I used this Liberty Jane Button Up Shirt pattern, the long sleeved version. The fabric is actually from an old shirt of my husband’s that somehow got bleach all over the sleeves so it was going to be thrown out. Hello free fabric! At first he was a little weirded out at me using the fabric, until I reassured him it was not for nefarious or dark magic purposes, but simply because free fabric.


Unfortunately, I cut out the pattern pieces and threw the scraps away before realizing that even if you aren’t doing the yoke, you still have to cut out the yoke pattern pieces for the back. OOPS. So I used this dark blue fabric I hate sewing with but have lots on hand. It wasn’t my intended design for the shirt, and gives it a kind of Western-y vibe, but Peter will be wearing this shirt with a vest anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Lesson learned about saving fabric scraps until you’re done with the project.

I also continue to hate finishing pieces. Truly, my ranking of steps of sewing pretty much go in chronological order. I love cutting out pattern pieces the most, and sewing them together is second, and finishing all the little closures and buttons and accessories is my least favorite part. I wish I had an apprentice I could just hand the buttons and snaps to and they’d do it for me.


But ta-da, here it is! I’m so excited to finally start getting a solid wardrobe together for poor Peter. The pants I made a long time ago and, while obviously the clasp closure isn’t ideal, but originally my plan was for Peter to have a vest with this outfit. I think I like the stripes visible though, so eventually I’ll just need to redo the clasp and find a tie for him. Anyone know any good tie patterns?


This was definitely a pattern than I learned a TON from about shirt construction. The sleeves came out a tad short, and there are threads everywhere. BUT I learned, and I’ve already cut out another shirt using this pattern, since Peter’s wardrobe will use this pattern a ton.


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