Tinvuiel’s Lavender Birthday Gown

Here’s another outfit I made last spring, in the early days of learning to sew. Unlike Ellen’s Easter dress though, I loved this gown as soon as I made it, even though it wound up being almost as difficult, in its own way. The lavendar fabric was so very slipper to sew with. I sewed the rosebuds on with clear thread which snapped every few flowers. I was adapting a pattern for the first time in my life (this Italian Renaissance Dress from Carpatina). And it had so many pieces that I didn’t think could possibly go together in the end.


Well they did! And Tinuviel wound up with those beautiful, light, lavender birthday gown.



Sleeve view, because this part of the pattern fascinated me:IMG_9171


3 thoughts on “Tinvuiel’s Lavender Birthday Gown

    • Jessa says:

      They were actually not at all, and I fully expected them to be! Essentially lined tubes sewn together, and the pattern was really easy to follow.

      • Lined tubes…I wonder if I could do something like that on a blouse for myself? I don’t have a pattern, but I could do a tube. Thanks for this!

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