Ellen’s Easter Dress

Throwback to an old thing I did before I started blogging! I actually made this dress last spring, right when I first started sewing. As soon as I finished it, I HATED it. I thought it was kind of a lacy, vomity mess. I wanted to murder anything in sight that was that buttercream yellow. I thought Ellen looked weird and unnatural in it.

Now I blame exhaustion and a lack of connection with the doll and her story, all of which have now been remedied. While I absolutely succeeded in making this dress as a new sewer, and the pattern by DollhouseDesigns is great, the fact is that I chose to do the absolute hardest version of the pattern with very little sewing experience. I had to rip out stitches and resew fraying fabric until I was on the point of tears. It took me a full week to make, if only because of all the gathers. And so I don’t blame myself for being really unhappy with it when it finished.


But now, with the pain of those early days behind me, and with the proper undergarments, I love this dress. Ellen wears it with boots, the crinoline, Cecile’s gloves, and the umbrella from the Marie-Grace/Cecile collection, and she’s just transformed, I think. into a sunshine-y little Easter girl. Granted, as a Boston girl she’d really need a shawl with this, just in case, but as it’s Easter today and the weather is LOVELY we’ll assume she could get on without it.


Another, possibly my favorite picture of Ellen ever:


Ah, struggles in umbrellas.


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