Knitted Tam

I made this a few weeks ago in about two days. SUPER easy pattern to follow. I’m trying desperately to use up my yarn stash but these little doll projects take so little yarn that someone’s going to end up with a full beige and purple outfit. I knitted the cardigan for Emily but then Kit stole it, and so I knitted the tam for Emily but Kit struck again, at least for the photos. Next I think I’ll make socks and mittens and a scarf and the two of them can duke it out for who gets what.


The pattern is by Janet Longaphie, and free on Ravelry! To be honest, it was such a quick and easy knit (and I have not made many hats in my knitting life) that I may just make a beige one and then Kit and Emily can each have one… I highly recommend this pattern, even for newbie knitters. The most difficult part really is just that you use such tiny needles.


(Please ignore that by tubby Kit is bursting out of the skirt THAT SHE CAME IN. Girl has put on a few over the years…)


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