Winter Chalet Review

I’ve had my eye on this for ages, largely because I love holiday decorations. But the $150 price tag was just too steep for me to even consider, not when it fits one doll, sitting, and it’s modern while all my dolls are historical.

I am apparently not the only one not reeled in by the price tag, and AG lowered the price several times before putting it on their random March clearance sale, I believe for $75. I say believe, because I actually received the Chalet as a birthday present from my mom! Just your typical 26th birthday present.


The chalet is adorable, so let’s get that out of the way up front. It comes with this wreathe with this REALLY FESTIVE AND THOUGHTFUL TAG. The wreathe hangs over the fireplace, which can light up. There’s a stool, a little mug of hot cocoa, and the shutters close. It’s precious.


Pros: It comes with adorable things. It will look so snug and cozy next winter when I have it set up in my living room with all my Christmas decorations.

Cons: Only one doll can fit inside (is it too privileged for that to be a con?) and she must be sitting. The price tag is a lot for a big item with limitations (it’s not like a boat or car you can move, and the size is clunky for only one doll at a time). Maybe this wouldn’t bother a child much, but I don’t like dolls being lonely, and it’s a big item for only displaying one doll.

Neutrals: It’s so winter focused, which is great at Christmas, but I’m thinking about maybe repainting mine a bit to make it woodsier and less Christmas-y. That could extend the play value through the year, rather than just winter. I may end up making this into a cute little forest cabin for Tinuviel! I’ll post pictures if I do decide to start customizing it…


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