Cardigan for Kit

I originally started knitting this for Emily, and then it somehow just became Kit’s. This is one of many projects that is expressively trying to use up all my stash yarn because I have SO MUCH and refuse to throw it out.

Unfortunately, it didn’t use as much as I’d hoped. Probably not even half of each ball. So now I”m working on a beret for her, and then it’ll be socks and mittens and a scarf until these two balls are gone.

Kit sweater (3)

But look how cute it turned out. I used this pattern from Janet Longaphie on Ravelry, but extended the sleeves because I don’t like 3/4 sleeves on dolls. I wish I’d made them one band longer, but they’re not bad. I liked the pattern enough I’ll probably re-use it to make some sweaters for my other girls too, and maybe even one for Peter –it’s a decent basic fit sweater, when I think most of the sweater patterns I’ve seen for AG dolls are pretty blocky.

Kit sweater (2)And the back, because patterns never show the back of things and I’m always frustrated by that!


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