Doll Spaces and Places

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been working on my doll’s “homes”. Up until now, the dolls have all lived in the dollhouse, with me taking a few out on any given day to be on the couch with me, where they usually stay until I change them out the next day. However, as I am slowly continuing to accumulate more stuff, I’ve found that three rooms for 14 dolls is a bit crowded (and also that I am a crazy person). Apologies in advance these photos aren’t the best. I’ll do better, more focus photos down the line (probably) but for now they’ll suit to summarize.

I’ve known Kaya needed her own space, but there isn’t really a good place outside of the office to set her stuff up, so I finally decided she has the open-sky top of the dollhouse for her territory. This means she’s the doll you can see from outside of the office, which works just fine since she’s Frank’s favorite. Tinuviel is hanging out with for now her since they’re best friends. 🙂

February doll (4)The next big change is that I cleared off two of the shelves above my desk and turned them into a two-room house for Josefina. These are pretty nice deep shelves, although I am sorely disappointed to find they are about 16 inches tall, so just a smidge too short for Joesfina to stand. Eventually I will probably go in and lower them a bit, but they’ll do for now until I have the motivation. I’ve made one her kitchen and the other her bedroom.

February doll (2)Up top you can see my Bitty Baby, Vanessa, and my Magic Attic doll, Heather, who I just got restrung but am not quite sure what to do with yet since I’m uninterested in collecting anything but AG.

February doll (9)Doesn’t she look so happy to finally have her own space? And she JUST fits on her bed. I’m so relieved.

photo 2The next space I set up is on the floor to the right of the dollhouse, between my desk and the window. There’s actually space to do another set up like this one to the right of it; probably that’ll either be where I set up Kirsten, so that Addy and Kirsten’s worlds are semi-connected, or where I put Vivienne and Felicity. For now I’ve got Addy’s scenes and settings and that’s it for these girls though, so Ellen, Kirsten, and Addy are just kinda chilling and will continue to jump around inside the dollhouse.

photo 3The dollhouse is continuing to become more decorated. The top room is Samantha’s room, though Vivienne and Felicity hang out in there a lot and Felicity’s Windsor chair is in there now until I find a space for those Colonial ladies. The center room is Kit’s bedroom with the NOLA bed until I get a couch. It just occurred to me I can probably still make the NOLA bed work for Vivienne, when I give them their space. In the bottom is the Kit/Molly kitchen, where Molly and Emily usually are, and Kit and Peter are sometimes. Right now it’s laundry day though Molly is useless, wearing her ice skates.

So those are my spaces for the time-being, until I get my next big item and re-do everything, ha.


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