Tinuviel’s Nightgown At Last!

Yes, I’m a month behind. No, I will not let myself feel bad about it, though I’m a bit sad she won’t actually wear this ensemble until next January. But YAY I FINISHED!


Sunday afternoon I was on a doll roll. Got new goodies, washed Sam’s hair, painted doll food, and then finally finished Tinuviel’s nightgown. I started this project in early December and at least finished the gown part of it, but not until Sunday did I finally piece together the robe and slippers.


The entire thing is a mish-mash of different patterns. The nightgown began as the chemise for the Carpatina Italian Renaissance dress. I used this pattern when making Tinuviel’s spring dress and found I really liked the in-set shoulders the chemise as. In this instance, I made it out of a white cotton fabric with silver glitter, lengthened it to nightgown length, and threaded a silver ribbon through it. The fabric is kinda stiff and the sleeves came out too big, so I stitched a gather in and stuck on a little blue flower over the stitching.


The overdress was a poor attempt at this adorable apron from etsy seller MotherofNine. I completely goofed on the waistband, though I’ll blame my own inexperience for now until I give it another go. Instead of throwing out what I’d done, I just kinda kept plugging away until I actually wound up with something I rather like. It has the same silver ribbon accents and tie in front, more adorable flowers, and is much longer than the pattern called for.


The slippers are made from this Eden Ava Couture Ballet Flats pattern. I used fleece instead of quilter’s stuff, and instead of the thick soles the pattern calls for just slapped cardboard on the bottom. Maybe down the line I’ll add fleece to the very bottom but you can’t see the sole when she’s standing and anyway, the hard bottom means she can easily stand in them. Gluing the fabric of the slipper to the sole was one of the more frustrating things I’ve done because I was too lazy to get the glue-gun from the basement and used Elmer’s glue, which doesn’t dry instantly. They turned out imperfect but still pretty stinking cute, and I imagine I’ll get better as I make more using this pattern.



When she’s wearing it for real next year I’ll get some better lighted pictures but TOO LAZY right now (and no real lighting options when the sun goes down).

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