New Goodies!

A lovely woman from the AG message board who lives near Boston posted about selling off a majority of her collection earlier this week. As I had already told myself I could buy a few things from AG with recently earned babysitting money as a “I’m sorry your health problems have sucked so bad lately,” I decided to check it out and, seeing that she was selling the things I had intended to buy from AG anyway, set up a chance to go visit Sunday morning.

I love meeting other AG collectors. Even without the excitement of getting new things, it’s great fun to meet other people who share this quirky hobby. It’s fun to see how other people collect, what they do with their collection, what it’s part in their life is. This woman had an adorable little room which until now has been her doll room –it’s exactly the sort of set up I would LOVE when Frank and I eventually get a house. She’s now downsizing because they’r expecting a baby, and that’s pretty much the best reason to downsize.

Here was my stash! I had planned on getting Josefina’s bed, Josefina’s table and chairs, Joesfina’s nightstand, and one other small thing from her. She was kind enough to give me an even better deal, so I went ahead and added a bit more to the stash, and wound up coming away with those things AS WELL AS Felicity’s windsor chair, Kit’s nighttime accessories, and the lacy parasol belonging to the NOLA girls for my Ellen. It was very, very much like Christmas today, and all paid, guiltfree, with my babysitting money. Because I’m 14 and spend babysitting money on doll things.

February doll (7)

The silliness is not lost on me that I was JUST explaining to a friend how I’m going to focus specifically on Kit/Samantha/Josefina/Kaya for a bit… and then got something for Felicity and the next furniture I get will probably be for Addy… BUT I did quite a bit of setting up after I got home with these goodies and have some exciting new doll spaces to share! Soon!



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