Kirsten’s Hair Saga Continues

So I’ve finally had a chance now to try on the new wigs. Both are light blonde wigs from Engelpuppen, a doll company in Germany that, if I’m understanding correctly, had a hand in making the original American Girl dolls back in the 1980s. I’d heard they make excellent replacements for WB wigs particularly, so I emailed back and forth and placed my order for two wigs. I don’t think shipping is that expensive. but enough and having to ship from Germany that I decided to get two and just sell the one I don’t want to use.

The first wig was 10,34 Euro. It’s the light blonde long wavy wig with ponytail and bangs (top pulled back). By the time I got it on Kirsten I had already managed the tug the ponytail partially out, so I went ahead and removed it before photographing.

The bangs are not as thick, but they do start far back on the top of her head and are in the pie wedge shape.

VERY curly in the back still. From the photos they sent me, these curls can/should ease over time, as it’s a wavy and not curly wig. They’re pretty but definitely a bit fancy for a pioneer girl.

The part I’m less happy about with the wig is that the top is a bit thin. I believe the bangs are supposed to sweep over that thin part of the wig, but they currently don’t. I may be able to get them to stay there with some water and restyling once I’m finished.

The other drawback is that this wig doesn’t have short hairs, and the hair in the back isn’t thick enough to hide the wig cap when the hair is divided, as in for Kirsten’s typical braids. There actually isn’t even a line of hair at all on the very bottom of the fabric wig cap, so a ponytail would also reveal cap fabric.

However, from the front the wig looks plenty thick, the bangs are whispy like I’d wanted for her, and the color is a perfect match for her original wig.

Now onto the second wig. This one is the light blonde pigtail-curls wig, 8,99 Euro.

Please note I’d already started messing with the curls before I remembered to take a picture. The left pigtail there is how the wig shipped to me. The right one is after I pulled it all the way down to see how long it is uncurled, remembered I needed to take a photo, recurled with my finger, and snapped.

The bangs are not as thick or long as the previous wing, a bit more wispy. This time the wig is designed to be curly, and I’m not sure how crazy it’s going to get if/when I take it out of the curled pigtails, though the man did send me a photo of it braided and it’s definitely long enough for the loops. I like this wig a lot, but am worried if I go with it, I’ll either love it or destroy it trying to get it to do what I want.

This wig does have short hairs in the pack, though scalp does still peek through since the short hairs are only on the very bottom of the wig, not throughout.

Here you can compare the color difference: the light blonde Engelpuppen wig is on the left, the light blonde Ruby Red Galleria wig is on the right. The wig on the right has the streaks of multiple shades of blonde to give it that really warm, bright color. The Engelpuppen wigs are all one color, which suits the WB dolls better.

So…. I keep going back and forth. I have pros and cons to each wig. I think I may glue the first one down and give it a trial run. Poor Kirsten is SO ready to not keep getting rewigged.


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