Reason I’ve Been Gone

I was on my honeymoon! I didn’t want to be posting about that for the world on my blog, so I just quietly went MIA. I’ve been in Thailand and Bali, Indonesia for the past two weeks, and then have been HORRENDOUSLY jetlagged since my return. Last night was the first night I was semi-back to normal though, so now it’s back to business!

The Kirsten wigs I ordered from Germany arrived while I was gone. This morning I played around with them and have pictures to post as I try to make my decision. Neither one is absolutely perfect, but either one will work. Maybe blogging about it later will help me decide. They are definitely either one more in line with what I want than the RRG wig though, as lovely as it was.

SO, basically this is a blog to say I’m working on a blog… It’s also about time to change everyone into their winter coats and BOY do they deserve it because it is cold. I’ll get some nightgown photos first this weekend though too. So lots of blogs coming up!


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