Kirsten’s New Hair

Well, I pretty much flat out lied when I suggested I’d go out in the snow to photograph my dolls. Because I was 95% sure at the time it wouldn’t happen and unsurprisingly, it didn’t happen. But I did rewig Kirsten!

I purchased this WB Kirsten off of eBay about two months ago. I knew going into it she would need some work because her face paint had faded off and the seller was very clear that she was missing a finger. I knew it was a slightly silly project to take on, but the more I saw this ragamuffin doll, the more I specifically wanted her. The soft round face was much more how I pictured Kirsten from the books (some of my favorite books!) than the Mattel Kirsten.

So Kirsten came home to me and I opened to the box to discover she had even more damage than had been mentioned. What I had taken to be dust on the lens in one photo was actually paint splattered across her face, arm, hair, and eyelashes. I have no clue how the seller could possibly have missed this. Kirsten’s wig was also pretty badly hacked on one side. It’s not super noticeable when her hair is in braids, one braid is just a bit thinner, but as soon as you take it down it becomes clear some small child came Kirsten quite the lopsided haircut.

The seller kindly refunded me some of my money so that I could purchase a replacement wig, and I was able to scrape off the paint with my fingernail. I ordered the light blonde banged wavy wig from Ruby Red Galleria, not sure it was what I wanted but deciding to give it a try.

Here’s Kirsten in her original wig.

It’s really, really a shame the wig is so badly hacked because I actually really like the soft whisps around her face (which you don’t realize are part of the hack job until you take her hair uot of braids). I had looped her hair up for December to hide the balding spots, and it looked cute enough  I contemplated just always leaving her hair like that. But I like changing dolls’ hair, and so it couldn’t be.

This was the most difficult time I’ve ever had removing a wig. I guess it’s been glued on well for 26ish years and did not want to go anyway. I worked at it with a spoon for about half an hour (husband was horrified!) and still couldn’t get it off without leaving a few ripped pieces behind. This does help the next wig stick though, and the old wig isn’t destroyed, only a little ripped.

Here’s the new wig, glued on. I pulled it on to test first, looked at her, and had that moment of, “Hmmm… I just don’t know.” It’s a high-quality wig, and I love how many different shades make up the color. I’ve wanted my Kirsten to have long beautiful blonde hair for a while (even my Mattel’s hair was unbraided frizziness), and this wig is certainly that.

But… she looks like a different doll. It’s the same hesitation I’ve had anytime I’ve rewigged a doll. The different hair makes them look different, and I’m never sure I’m ok with that, especially with my WB dolls where the softer look is part of the package. With Molly, I came around after a few days and now really love her hair –it makes her look a bit less like the WB Molly I brought home, but a bit more like book Molly.

So I’ve decided to withhold judgements until Kirsten has had this hair a few days. Even after a few minutes, as the memory of the old wig faded, I began to like it more, especially as I combed my fingers through it. It’s drying so, so we’ll see how it looks braided up. And what i keep telling myself is that if I don’t like it, I can just rip it off and rewig. I used Elmer’s school glue this time around, which should be strong enough to hold for my type of play, but won’t be a nightmare to change if in a month or two I’m just not digging this hair. I still need to get a second WB to replace the arms anyway, so I could just be more selective in finding one with a good wig…

For now she sleeps. Once the wig dries, I’ll give it a good wash because some of the glue seeped through the wig cap (EEP, trying not to panic), and braid if up and see hwo it looks.

So far, I think she’s less cutesy, more beautiful…


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