Vivienne’s Nightgown Attempt 1

I’m on a roll! A sewing roll! It helps that nightgowns are pretty easy to make, so they don’t frustrate me to the point of quitting. I still don’t have my USB reader so you’ll have to accept these phone photos of Vivienne’s new nightgown that won’t be a nightgown after all.

The pattern I used was a Frankensteined combination of pieces. I started with this 1811 Regency Dress pattern from MotherofNine on etsy. I used the sleeves, skirt, and bodice back pieces. I wanted a flat front bodice though, so made my own piece specifically to fit my doll. I also wanted the front skirt to be mostly straight, so instead of gathering I took two tucks. The bodice is lined! I think this was the first time I’ve sewn sleeves into a lined bodice, maybe?

For length, I looked at Caroline’s and Felicity’s nightgowns. They both fall about mid-calf, or below the knees, so that’s what I aimed for with this. The back closes with velcro.

The embroidery is just iron on detail. As much as I’d love to embroider my own pieces, I only do hand embroidery, so I will start with handkerchiefs. I remembered as I was ironing why I hate iron on decals –they never seem to stay on well. I used fabric glue to fix a few of the pieces that wouldn’t stay down. We’ll see how this holds up, but I may have to do a bit of hand stitching to get it to stick.

This is probably the most American Girl looking item I’ve ever made, haha. It’s lacy and frilly and ended up looking more like a dress than a nightgown, I’ve decided upon looking at the pictures. So now I need to decide what to do with it. I can try throwing pantalettes under it, but visible pantalettes didn’t really start to show up until around 1810ish, and it’s a bit short even for that, I think. I don’t think tacking on pink or white fabric to the bottom would look right. Hm….

Pretty! But not a nightgown.


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