Kaya Nightgown Preview

Sunday husband and I were supposed to go see Frozen out in Burlington which JUST so happens to be right by a Joann’s Fabric. Bad news: the movie was sold out. Great news: it meant we got to spend ample time in Joann’s. Bad news: Man, fabric adds up, and I had made a rule I couldn’t buy new fabric until I use up some of my stash. But my stash is largely modern fabrics or quilt scraps or big chunks of neutral-type fabrics …

Anyway, so I shopped til I dropped and bought fabric for about six projects. Whoopee! If only I’d done this BEFORE the last day of my Christmas break…

Spent the afternoon crafting a nightgown for Kaya. I haven’t been able to find any reference to what Kaya would historically have worn to sleep in. As I’m still waiting for my Nez Perce books from paperbackswap, my research still is mostly within the last 150 years, which is post contact and therefore doesn’t accurately reflect Kaya’s time.

I would guess that in winter she’d wear a simple buckskin shift… but I am flat out guessing. So at least for now, because Kaya needs something to wear when I put everyone in their nightclothes in January,  made her a nightgown.

I photographed the gown in great detail… then promptly discovered the USB port on my camera is broken. AWESOME. Not like I’m going on my honeymoon soon or anything.

So here is one phone photo of the nightgown, and I’ll post more in detail when my card reader gets here tomorrow.


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