Vivienne’s First Dress


Several months ago, I think as far back as October, I noticed a couple gorgeous gowns listed in the etsy shop of lillianloy. At the time, right around my wedding, I was on a strict no-spend budget and knew I couldn’t get them. We then moved and then Christmas was on the way and we were in the midst of planning our honeymoon. But I kept thinking about this dress, and every few days I’d check to see if some lucky person had bought it. Every time it would still be there, I felt like I’d dodged a bullet.

Finally, on Christmas Eve, or maybe the day before, I decided I’d earned it by my resisting temptation so long. OR, well, I considered that I could get myself one little Christmas present, and I reasoned that by this point, if I didn’t get this dress, I’d be genuinely upset with myself. So I placed my order and figured I’d give it to Felicity. Because at this point, while I knew there was the possibility I’d get Cecile for Christmas, I was still undecided where I’d place her time wise but was learning towards 1880s.

Christmas morning, when I opened Cecile (and did so with such enthusiasm that I gave myself a TERRIBLE cardboard cut on the tip of my finger), I knew instantly she was going to be may late 1700s girl.

Then, the new dress arrived on Friday morning, and I realized I’d managed to buy myself a dress for the doll I was getting for Christmas without even realizing it!

The dress is even more beautiful than I had anticipated. The material is heavy and beautiful. The overgown is lined with a silky fabric, the sleeves have sheer fabric ruffles, there are clusters of lace flowers and tiny pearls sewn all over. The garment is exquisitely made, easily one of the best quality doll clothes I have ever laid eyes on. The quilt skirt will keep Vivienne so nice and warm. The overdress has hidden snaps along the stomacher.

The back is just as perfectly done and the sides have stitches to pick up the skirt.

And, the best part, lillianloy’s things are within a price range that, while still high for me, is at least do-able for special occasions. 🙂 I’ll absolutely be keeping her on my list of etsy shops to watch. And I guess I’ll link to there even though I’m still hoping a few particular things stick around long enough for me to grab them.

lillianloy’s etsy shop


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