Christmas Family Photos

I spent Christmas Day taking holiday portraits of my dolls and I figure that’s as good a first post as any! I’ll put a brief blurb with each doll about who she is and where came from.

Family photo! There sure are a lot of them now… how did I get here?!

Let’s go in ABC order!

I just adore my Addy. She was a Christmas present from my mom last Christmas. Personally, I think one of the best and most important dolls American Girl has ever made.

Ellen Catherine McLeskey, my Boston Irish doll! She immigrated from famine-wrecked Ireland in 1848 to Boston, adopted there by a wealthy family. She was once upon a time a Pre-Mattel Samantha head with a Mattel Felicity body, and I’ve given her new hair and face paint.

My rule (after I bought a bunch of dolls for myself…) was that I was not allowed to buy dolls for myself. Shortly after the archival was announced, my husband took me to American Girl store and convinced me to get Emily Bennett (did not take much convincing), I think because she’s a blue-eyed redhead like me! I had always thought she was just a plain doll but I admit it, I was wrong. I absolute love her simple sweetness.

My Pleasant Company Felicity! She was the first doll I bought upon getting back into AG as an adult, and it was finding out that she had been retired that started my whole descent into madness. Her head tilt means she never really looks at you.

Oh, my Josefina, my second AG doll from when I was a little girl. She has a different wig here because I’m still hunting for a true Josefina wig. One of the prettiest dolls AG has ever made, I think.

Can you guess who is my husband’s favorite doll? Kaya, hands down! That Lone Dog is a handmade wolf he got me for Christmas! Just gorgeous.

Kirsten! Originally I bought myself a beautiful Kirsten at the same time I bought my Felicity, but I just never quite liked her, and once I got Emily the two of them and my Sam were just TOO much alike. I found this White Body Kirsten on eBay about a month ago and knew I HAD to have her…. but she’s undergoing some surgical work. I won’t go into her surgical slate here, but despite the work, totally worth it. Just look at that sweet round face!

This beautiful girl in a wrinkled dress (curse that fabric) is my gorgeous Kit! I received her for Christmas when I was 15, the last AG of my childhood. She’s got the sweet round face of the early Kits and those feisty blue eyes.

Miss Molly! She’s a lovely White Body I purchased from another collector. This doll is older than I am! I’ve replaced her wig (but kept the old one, of course) and fixed her make up just last week, so she is once again a lovely, bright-eyed youngster! Thought I did buy her for myself, she was my reward for getting my SCUBA certification with my husband, which was one of the hardest and most terrifying things I’ve ever done (and I’ve done some terrifying things). Molly is proof that I defied the odds and survived.

This pretty girl, one of the most kid-like dolls AG has made, was a very thoughtful wedding present from a dear friend. It worked out pretty cute that my wedding gift was the best friend doll of my first AG! She is wearing a dress my Grandma and I made when I was 10. How cute is that?

My one boy doll, Peter! Peter was a present from my husband when I first started collecting again. Initially I planned on Peter being a time traveler, and then I thought he’d be Emily’s cousin, and then I flirted with the idea of him being in 1940s Germany, and now I’m back to him being Emily’s cousin. I think. I’m still figuring him out.

The doll that started it all, my Samantha! I received her for a birthday present at my 7th birthday. She was my constant companion as a child (I’ll post some pictures in a future blog post!). As a teenager and not knowing better, I got her head replaced, so she’s got the newer Mattel head instead of the Pleasant Company one when I first got her. Live and learn!

May I present Tinúviel Nahara! I will probably not write much about her on here. She was a Saige GOTY 2013 doll but I could see upon meeting her she was so much more. So here she is, a Middle Earth elf (stop with the judgy eyes; you’re reading a doll blog). There’s a big story, I won’t get into it… anyway.

This absolutely stunning girl is my newest addition, a Christmas present from my husband! I can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous she is. She spent her first couple of hours as the Cecile Rey she was born as, but has now been reborn since this picture as my dearest Vivienne. I’ll have a much bigger blog post soon going into it, but she’s my 1790s girl and will have the fabulous wardrobe to prove it. Also her brother is a pirate so try to not to be too impressed.

Two best friends photos because I can’t not include them.

And a parting photo from the whole gang, furry friends included!


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